Do You Make These Mistakes When You Ask For A Referral to Your Website? Here's How to Supercharge Your Referral System...


“Warning to all Web Site Owners: Don't Get Any Web Referral or Tell-a-Friend System Until You See Everything This Powerful New System Can Do For You!”


Automatic Referral System Brings Tons of High Quality Referrals to Your Website With Almost No Effort


From: Paul Galloway

Friday, 9:47 AM


Dear Friend,


If you want a website referral system that runs on autopilot and brings tons of interested people to your website, then read on -- I'm going to show you how to supercharge your referral or "tell-a-friend" system in about 15 minutes!


You see, the SECRET to getting tons of referrals to your web site is simple: Use the right referral system and ask your visitors in the right way…


But most people just slap a "Tell A Friend" or "Refer a friend" picture or link on their home page -- that just doesn't cut it anymore!


That "old-fashioned" way of doing things is just WAY too common -- it's BORING and it's so easy to ignore!


But there IS a simple way you can get people referred to your site in droves! Here's how…


The Four Components of a HOT Referral System…


There are four components to having a sizzling referral program, and they all work together to keep your visitors engaged in the referral process. These four components are:


    1. Motivation -- You MUST give your website visitors a "What's in it for me?" REASON to refer people to your site.


      People aren't going to tell their friends about your site without some kind of incentive -- it ain't gonna happen!


      So…offer them a prize -- an "ethical bribe" -- if they will tell others about your site. This can be an eBook, a discount coupon, or just an entry in a "drawing" -- make sure it's something you can afford to give away to everyone who participates!


    2. Competition -- Use people's natural competitive nature to get more referrals!


      In addition to the prize you give everyone who participates, offer something even better to the person with the most referrals, OR to the person who generates the most VISITS (basing the contest on visits is especially good for getting people to 'talk up' your site when they refer others there)!


      Another option -- rather than giving the prize to the person who sends the "most", you could have a random "drawing" for the prize, and give everyone an additional entry in that drawing for every referral or visitor they generate.


      The prize must be something valuable -- products that you ship out have a greater perceived value to most people, so some things to consider for the prize winner are a T-Shirt, CD, Book, or even a fun electronic gadget like an iPod or PDA. Or perhaps you are in a position to offer a free initial consultation of some kind.


      One word of caution however -- you shouldn't offer your "main" product or service as the giveaway item, as this tends to "cheapen" its value in the eyes of your visitors.


    3. Feedback -- When your visitors refer other people to your site, they must remain "in the loop" every step of the way…


      You should give them an option of receiving a confirmation email when the referrals are sent to their friends AND when/if their friends actually visit your site.


      Keeping them informed whenever one of their referrals visits your site will help you two ways. First, it will be a reminder to them about the product or service you sell, and secondly they'll be reminded of your referral contest and will come back to your site to refer more people!


      But that's not all . . .


      Since this is a competition, give the front runners a way to see how they're doing compared to everyone else -- if they see they're close to the #1 position, they'll refer even more people!


    4. "Share the Wealth" -- This may actually be the most powerful component of the whole system, if you do it right…


      Let your visitors know that if they refer someone to your site and that person enters and wins your contest, they will BOTH receive the contest prize!


      Do you think this will get people to STRONGLY ENCOURAGE their friends to visit your site and enter the contest? You better believe it! They will know the more people they refer to your site, the better their chances of winning the prize!


It all makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?


Now do you see how powerful this kind of system can be for generating lots of quality referrals to your site?


Now imagine what this can do for your lead generation, subscriptions, and sales…


Multiply Your Conversion Numbers 1000%!


Here's an easy pop quiz: Who is more likely to closely investigate your product or service -- someone who has stumbled onto your site, or someone who has been personally referred there by a friend they know and respect?


The answer is obvious, isn't it? Of COURSE the personally referred people are going to be much easier to convert!


In fact, some estimates have put the conversion rate of referred visitors at 10 to 15 TIMES that of visitors from other sources!


Now consider this…


One man was able to get almost 50000 additional subscribers in a 2 month period -- 50000 subscribers! -- by running a referral promotion similar to what I have described here!


Could you do as well?


Imagine if you did just 10% as well -- that would still be about 2500 subscribers a month!


AND remember, these referred visitors are much more likely to take a close look at what you're offering, because they're coming as a result of a personal recommendation!


So instead of the typical 1% sales conversion rate, you might get 5, 10, even 15 times that -- which is between 125 and 375 sales!


Just think about it…wouldn't it be great to have all those extra visitors, subscriptions and sales?


Until recently, implementing this kind of a referral system required you to hire a programmer -- but not anymore!


"Tell-a-Friend Pro" Makes It All Possible -- And Effortless!


"Tell-a-Friend Pro" automates the whole process from start to finish -- everything from creating the referral form to sending out contest winner notifications!


It may be enough just to know that "Tell-a-Friend Pro" gives you everything you need for the "supercharged" referral system described above -- but if you want to know the specific "features" included, and how those features benefit you, here they are…


    You Maintain Complete Control of Your Visitor's Experience


      This software is installed on YOUR server and you maintain complete control over everything your visitors see when they send or receive a referral to your site -- so you don't have third party ads in any of your outgoing messages!


    Simple Admin Control Panel Makes Everything Easy


      Configuration changes and email message editing are done from your browser-accessible control panel -- saving you time and aggravation!


    Easy to Use HTML Form Generator Included


      "Tell-a-Friend" referral forms can be generated through the control panel -- you just copy/paste the HTML code into your web pages -- you can literally create a form in 60 seconds!


    Your Email Address is Protected from spammers


      Eliminates the possibility of "Email Harvesters" collecting your email address -- your email address is not shown anywhere in the Tell-a-Friend form


    Prevent SPAM Complaints from your Opt-in List!


      This software allows you to "DOUBLE OPT-IN" people to your newsletter. When they send out a referral, they can choose to "join" your mailing list (you might want to make this a requirement for them to get the contest results) and you can set it up so those subscriptions must be "confirmed" by the sender.


    Helps you stay fully CAN-SPAM ("No Spam" Law) compliant!


      You can have your "CAN-SPAM Compliance" information (mailing address, opt-out link, etc.) automatically inserted in all the outgoing email messages -- making CAN-SPAM compliance quick and easy!


    Built In Opt-out List management!


      You can include a "do not mail me again" link in your outgoing emails -- whenever someone clicks on this link, they are added to your "opt-out" list. You can also add/delete email addresses in this list from your "Tell-a-Friend Pro" Control Panel.


    Know How Your Campaign is Doing in a Glance


      The statistics available to you are INCREDIBLE! You can see how many people viewed your form, how many submitted it, how many referrals were sent, referrals per sender, conversion ratios, double-opt-in numbers, and more!


    You Have Complete Control Over The Whole Referral Process!


    • Send the referred visitors to ANY page you want
    • Redirect the referrer to ANY page you want after they submit the form
    • Send the referrer a "confirmation" email after the referral is sent
    • Send the referrer a "visit notification" email when their referred friend VISITS your site


    Prevent Referrals to "Bogus" Email Addresses


      The program can be set to verify the existence of a domain name for each referred email address -- so bogus email addresses using a non-existent domain (like "") are rejected!


    Automatically Prevent Abuse of Your System


      You can setup the "security" features to limit the number of times someone can submit email addresses from the same IP address


    Prevent Duplicate Referrals


      Prevent the same person from getting multiple referrals in a specified time period (1 day, 1 week, etc.)


    Personalized Referral Emails


      You can increase your referral response rate by including the recipient's name AND the referrers name and comments in the referral email


    Automate Your AutoResponder Trigger


      Get this -- this is powerful stuff! You can have an "autoresponder" series kick off when someone submits the tell-a-friend form! So if you have an "Aweber" or "GetResponse" (or just about any other) sequential autoresponder account, you can use THIS software to gather information about somebody and when they submit the form, they are automatically subscribed to your autoresponder service!


    Run any Number of Tell-a-Friend and/or Contest Campaigns


      Custom email messages allow you to have any number of referral campaigns at the same time, all using different email messages to the referrals and to the referrers.


    Keep Your Visitors Attention with Personalized Pages


      When someone finishes submitting the form, or when someone is referred to your site you can include their personal information in the page -- so you can personalize the page with any information you ask for on the referral form. (This is handy if you want to pre-populate another online form...)


    Hide Destination Pages from Your Visitors with URL Codes


      You can optionally setup "URL codes" to be used in the referral form this makes it impossible for someone to look at the source code and determine where they're going after they submit the form -- so you can force them to submit the form before they get the "goodies"!


      Setting up URL codes also makes it possible for you to change the destination of a referrer or visitor in numerous forms by simply changing the corresponding URL or template name corresponding to that URL code!


    Easily Download Sender Data


      You can download the sender data in comma-separated format or view it online


      You can "filter" the data -- so you only download data meeting certain criteria -- for instance, all referrers who are men over the age of 50 (assuming you asked for this information on the form)!


    Quickly and Automatically Select Contest Winners


      The software will automatically choose the "winner" of the contest according to the contest rules you specify


    Implement "You win and Your Referrer Wins" Contests


      You can also have it tell you who "referred" that winner so you can give that person a prize too!


    View List of Winner's Referred Emails


      You can examine the list of the selected winner's referrals -- so you can disqualify them if they submitted bogus email addresses


    Multiple and simultaneous contest options


      You can make the contest "competitive" -- so people can win for:


      • The most referrals
      • The most VISITORS (referrals who actually come and visit the site)

      You can also make it so it's a random drawing, and people get more entries in the drawing for each of the following:


      • 1 entry for each person they refer
      • 1 entry for each person they refer who actually visits the site
      • 1 entry for each "downline" referral
      • 1 entry for each "downline" referral who visits the site


As you can see, TAFpro takes care of all the technical stuff -- so creating and running a superchaged "tell-a-friend" referral promotion is a piece of cake!


If you want to see what the software actually LOOKS like on your server, click here to see the demo! (opens in a new window)


"Tell-a-Friend Pro" is designed to work on a majority of the websites out there -- to see if it works on your web site, just enter your website address here:



"Tell-a-Friend Pro" is getting rave reviews! Here's what some "Tell-a-Friend Pro" owners have said:

I've just finished setting up TAFPro on my website, and I must say, I'm extremely impressed. I've spent the past few weeks reviewing just about every other "tell a friend" application I could find, and none come close to what you've done here.


I have no doubt that TAFPro is going to draw another several thousands targeted prospects into my marketing systems at no cost.


I'm looking forward to using some of its more advanced features in the near future to setup another viral marketing promotion. I haven't seen any other application on the market that will let me do this . . .


Once again thanks for the fantastic application. I would highly recommend it to anyone.


Duncan Carver


Hi Paul,


I experimented with TAFPro last year for a little "funny" free site I was putting up, where I'd send people emails via autoresponder 3 times a week. (So it's completely hands off for me.)


I *only* bought traffic for a few weeks to fill the pipeline...and now? I STILL get subscribers each month...for FREE. I do hold a monthly drawing for a little giveaway prize - and right now 23.6% of the people who get the "come visit this site" email end up sending out referrals to other people! And 44.2% of the people who get that email end up visiting my site.


How do I know these exact stats? Because your program tracks it all! I have yet to even scratch the surface with the power in your nifty software. In fact, every time I emailed you to ask a question about a had already thought about it and built it into the program!


Thanks for creating TAFPro - another job well done!


Chris Zavadowski


Hi Paul,


Just to let you know that I've now got TAFpro up and running on my website ....... and I love it! It's exactly what I was looking for as it fits in perfectly with the idea of my football quiz site at !


In just a few short days I can already see the viral aspect of TAFPro staring to work -- To get extra entries in my free prize draw, people are telling their friends then in turn those people are visiting my site and telling their friends too. I can't wait to see how much it boosts my traffic over the next few weeks and months!


Thanks Paul.




Chris Towland


Paul -


Just wanted to let you know we've started using TAFPro to allow our newsletter subscribers to "forward" a copy to friends, and we're all really impressed with the product.


It was very easy to set up, gives us just what we wanted and goes beyond with great campaign tracking & stats. We're convinced this will really help our circulation efforts - and we're not even using the contest features!


Once again, a great product from Paul!


Steve Knowles


Hey Paul,


I was so pleased to meet up with you again. It seems a long time since we worked together on SGX. As a marketer, there's nothing more comforting than working with a gifted software developer that you can trust.


On the subject of your TAF software competition, all I can tell you is what you probably already know. At one end, there's cheap, limited and therefore next to worthless TAF software while at the more expensive end of the market there's software that will get the job done but it comes at quite a price.


Getting frustrated with my organic research, I resorted to the Adwords listings and that's where I found TAFPro. It took one glance at your sales page to recognize that it was a Paul Galloway offering - unmistakable!


A basic rather than flashy website, sales copy that was clearly crafted by a software developer and not a marketer, notable because it significantly understates the value in your product.  Never the less, you will be no doubt pleased to hear that you won my business before I even knew your price.


If there's TAF software out there that offers more at a cheaper price, then so be it, but when I factor in your quality support and readiness to accommodate my needs, there's no contest. Besides which, I have better things to do with my time.


After only a few hours tinkering with TAFPro, I'm impressed with the flexibility and power it places in my hands. First off, I'm planning to use it to promote my new StiloTig welding accessory.


I'm sure we'll be talking again soon.


Geoff Morris


P.S. Paul, has anyone actually told you that at your price, the software is worth buying just for the value in your "freebies"?


What's A Constant Stream of Highly-Interested
Website Visitors Worth To You?


Let's go back to the previous example -- if you were able to get 2500 word-of-mouth referrals to your website every month, what would THAT be worth to you?


Let's be even more conservative -- what if you only got 250? -- based on the conversion rate previously discussed that would still be 12-38 sales each month!


And if you're selling a $20 item on your site, that's a minimum of $2880 extra income in the first year!


You'd pay $500 to make $3000 or more, wouldn't you? Of course you would! And I think that would be a fair price for the "Tell-a-Friend Pro" system, considering all it does...


However... you get "Tell-a-Friend Pro" for just $97!


And it gets even better! When you get "Tell-a-Friend Pro" today, you get these three bonuses!


FREE BONUS #1: Mark Joyner’s – Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript


This collection of easy-to-implement techniques can shoot your Internet sales through the roof -- and it's been sold for up to $197!


Each and every approach has been tested and perfected – in a purely scientific manner. So you can move forward in total confidence – knowing with absolute certainty that these specific steps have already proven successful – time and time again.


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"I learned more from Mark Joyner's Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript than from reading any ten books on Internet Marketing. Every page was a true revelation! I'd easily pay $2,000 or more for this."


Jay Conrad Levinson, Author, Guerilla Marketing


"Everyone selling on the Internet should keep a copy of this on their desk. These ideas will definitely increase your sales. The studies, the research, and the findings that this report reveals are profoundly eye-opening and money-making."


- Joe Vitale, author, Hypnotic Marketing


FREE BONUS #2: Business Toolchest by Paul Galloway (that's me!)


I created this eBook as a "resource directory" for online business -- it's got hundreds of resource links and has sold on the internet for as much as $97


Here's what a few readers had to say about "Business Toolchest":


"Whew! I just finished going through the new book (about 1 1/2 hours of reading and exploring). You did a fabulous job of ferreting out some really useful links and resources. I'm sure I'll be returning to your book again and again. Nice job."


        Yanik Silver,


"Well, where do I start? Your book is so filled with resource material, it's a chore figuring out where to start. The easiest thing to say is simply that I leave your book "open" on my desktop for immediate access.


This is resource that no person starting out on the Internet should be without."


        Tom Glander,


"Congratulations on producing what is, in my opinion, an outstanding work! I haven't read the whole thing yet, but it didn't take long to find enough practical and useful resources to surpass the "price of admission".


Funny, but I was in the process of searching for solutions to a couple of "problem" projects that I have. Bingo! There they were in the Toolchest. Great job, Paul!"


        Darrell Finkeldei,


A couple of weeks ago, I purchased your Toolchest -- I'm very pleased with the purchase, and I've made the toolchest a permanent resident of my Mac desktop. Thanks for the time you've taken to put together a goldmine of resources that are always just a click a way."


        Dairrell Ham


FREE BONUS #3: Million Dollar Emails by Yanik Silver


If you've been around the "internet marketing" circles at all, you've probably seen this book advertised -- this fits in great with the "Tell-a-Friend Pro" system, because you will want to hone your website referral messages to get the greatest possible response.


And reviewing other successful email messages is the fastest way to improve yours!


What About Technical Support?


I'm sure you'll agree that technical support is one of the MOST IMPORTANT factors to consider when evaluating software.


If you ever have a problem or a question, just email me and expect an answer within 1 business day -- I often respond within a matter of minutes. Or pick up the phone and call me at 316-540-3434!


Here are a few comments from my clients concerning my support:

Hi Paul,


I have so much trust in Synergyx because you've proven over and over again that you care about your customers.


I just can't express how much it means to know I CAN pick up the phone and call when I need to. The email is usually fast enough, but sometimes its tough waiting...


I simply want to express my sincerest appreciation for your RESPONSIVENESS. When I find issues, you are on the spot, and things are made right, "right now." There's no way anyone can run an Internet business without this kind of amazing response time and be successful, especially when they are at the mercy of a programmer, like I am.






Tom Glander
The Newbie Club


Paul, it's very, very rare that I am so impressed with someone's product or service that I take the time to tell them in writing. But in your case, I felt compelled to tell you just how much I appreciate not only your product, but also the level of service I have received from you.


Most of all, I just can't say enough about the level of service I have received from you. Before I purchased your Synergyx software, I read many testimonials about how wonderful your service is. This certainly caught my attention, as service was even more important to me than the actual software. But I tend to take all testimonials with a grain of salt.


Well, I have been a customer for several months now and I can honestly say that you have consistently exceeded all of my highest expectations. Your replies to any questions I have are always clear and lightning fast - usually within minutes, or at most (on rare occasions) a couple of hours. You're always extremely patient when I have a more complex question which is over my head, and you're always willing to listen to new ideas.


It's obvious to me by now that you truly care about your clients' satisfaction. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that in all regards, the service I have received from you is absolutely outstanding. I can't thank you enough.


All the best!


Michael Gordon


Paul, in a perfect online world, everybody would provide customer support as quickly and professionally as you do.


Your e-commerce scripts are great, but even better and more important: If I have questions about anything at all - no matter how trivial or bizarre - you usually answer them almost instantaneously. (Even at 3 a.m. - get some sleep!) If all the other businesses I dealt with provided tech support even one quarter as well as you do, life would be a lot smoother.


Tim Gross


As before I needed a little assistance altering some text here and there and adding extra links, I dreaded sending the first email but all my fears were quashed in a matter of minutes. Paul's reply came back virtually immediately, he answered all my queries in three emails, he even logged onto my server and edited a number of files for me.


I can definitely recommend Paul and his software to anybody. I, for one will certainly be using Paul's services again.


Steve Brierley



Simply The Most Powerful Web Referral
System You've Ever Used Or Your Money Back!


Get "Tell-a-Friend Pro" and use it for up to 90 days -- if it doesn't do everything I said, or if you aren't happy with it for ANY reason, I will refund 100% of your money and you can KEEP the 3 bonuses!


No explanation is necessary -- if you're not 100% satisfied, you get your money back, period.


Click Here To Get "Tell-a-Friend Pro" Today


If you have any questions for me, please click here to contact me and I'll be happy to respond to any of your questions -- usually the same business day!


OR if you'd rather, you can call me at 316-540-3434




Paul Galloway


P.S. Remember, this powerful new referral system is yours risk free -- if you aren't 100% happy with it, you get your money back and keep all three bonuses!


P.P.S. When you get "Tell-a-Friend Pro", I also show you how it can be used for your "Contact Me" forms, feedback forms, application forms, etc. I even have clients who use "Tell-a-Friend Pro" to take online orders!


P.P.P.S. For "power users", there's a souped-up "Advanced Technology" version of Tell-a-Friend Pro -- click here to see what it does!


Click Here To Get "Tell-a-Friend Pro" Now!